Malta Microfinance 

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What for


Malta Microfinance offers different loan schemes

If a small loan can transform your life and you can show us how you will be able to afford to make the repayments then get in touch with us. 

1. Business Loan: 

Funding and extra support to start or expand your business. 

Malta Microfinance offers loans up to €2,500 per individual for business loans. Business loans are usually given to two partners of a business forming a solidarity group. 

The borrower must present a business plan showing the feasibility and sustainability of the business and must have their own capital to contribute to the project. Malta Microfinance will offer extra support to the business including a mentor with experience in the field. 

2. Education Loan: 

Course fees at designated institutions such as MCAST. 

Education loans are given if they will contribute to finding a job or towards moving up in their careers. 

The loan will cover the course fees and other requirements necessary for the course, such as tools. 

Most courses applied for are part-time or short-term so as to ensure the client is able to pay back within the stipulated time-frame. 

3. Personal Loan:


When a a person might loose the employment due to a temporary financial difficulty.

4. Rent Loan: 

A loan covering up to two months’ rent and/or electricity and/or the deposit to move into a flat.

Most rent loans have been given to people wishing to move out of open centres or other temporary accommodation. 

The amount borrowed depends on the rent of the flat and other monthly expenses the client incurs compared to his/her income. The borrower must present the rental agreement and proof of income (including social benefits if applicable). 

5. Other: 

Loans that will help in a temporary time of financial struggle.