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Malta Microfinance is part of St. Andrew's Scots Church's ministry to refugees.

The project started in 2010 under the name "Out of Africa - into Malta"and was generously supported by the Women Guild of the Church of Scotland.

This includes the English Language Teaching programme "Blue Door English" (BDE).

St. Andrew's Scots Church has also started the first “The Foodbank” in Malta which 

is now known as "The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation". 

Religious Institutions

St. Andrew's Scots Church

Sankt Andreas Gemeinde

Caritas Malta


African Media Association Malta

Blue Door English Lessons

The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

JRS Malta

Integra Foundation

Aditus foundation

OFD  ( Inclusion and Youth)

Government Agencies


Agenzija Appogg

Agenzija Sedqa

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