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How does it work

Who can apply

The loans are designed for individuals and groups.

Solidarity Groups built by friends/partners can apply for "Microloans" to open/promote their business. The loans are still individual for each person and business. 

As a group the clients will meet regularly to discuss the progress, experience and eventual struggles.

What does it take

A period of 10 - 14 days is scheduled from the loan request to the approval.

All loans have a running time of 12 months.

A 10% fee (APR18.6) is applicable on signing the contract.

The loans are interest free, the client repays exactly what was borrowed. For example a loan of €600 calculated on 12 month repayment with would mean monthly settlements of €50 (600/12=50).

Various documents are necessary in order to get a loan accepted. 

Basic documents required:

ID, Pay slips, Police Conduct, Reference Letter, Rental Contract, Work Contract

Other requirements:

Mentor, 10% fee 

Depending on the type of loan other documents will be required.

Cheque for loan:

The loan will be paid by cheque issued to the relevant 3rd party.

Malta Microfinance will stay in regular contact with the client, willing to assist and advise in difficult periods until the loan is fully repaid.

Keeping in touch

Communication is key. The clients will meet with Malta Microfinance mainly when the repayments are due on a monthly basis. These monthly meetings are held to discuss the progress and challenges the borrower might have faced since the last meeting. 

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